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Professional House Cleaning

Professional House Cleaning in Hazel Crest, IL

Our house cleaners scrub, dust, vacuum, wipe, and wash. We clean every room—thoroughly—including the toilets, ceiling fans, windowsills, and even behind those picture frames. We play hide and seek with dust and dirt. And

Additional House Cleaning Services Available

  • Dishes
  • Cleaning inside of oven or refrigerator
  • Defrosting & cleaning a freezer
  • Washing windows & screens
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Washing blinds
  • Cleaning baseboards/woodwork
  • Washing ceiling fans &/or light fixtures

Need Custom Cleaning Services?

First Time Deep House Cleaning

  • Get a fresh start! Once complete it will be much easier to keep your home clean and happy!
  • Erases filthy dust, ugly smudges, grease, globs, and grime.
  • Requires extra time and Elbow Grease.  Additional cleaning tools, ladders, supplies, and and sturdy knees.

First Time General House Cleaning

  • Prepares your home for regular maintenance cleanings.
  • Shines up the worst of your kitchen, bathrooms, and floors.  General dusting throughout your home.
  • Your Home is now easily maintained with a regular cleaning schedule.

Regular Maintenance House Cleaning

  • Regular Recurring Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly service.
  • Less time, effort, money and a much happier home owner.
  • Shining results with dusting, wiping, polishing, vacuuming, sweeping,  and mopping.